Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

The Hwam 3055 FS freestanding wood fireplace is a beautiful cube of Scandinavian style and efficiency – Danish, modern, hot stuff and cool looking. A remarkable highlight of the design, by award-winning Danish firm Strand + Hvass, is a sleek glass pane door that swings upwards in a single, elegant sliding motion with just one hand.  The large door of the fire chamber takes stunning advantage of its placement atop a matching integrated pedestal, elevating the fire viewing nearly 20 inches off the floor. 


The Hwam 3055 ZC wood fireplace is a refreshing new addition to the built-in fireplace market. The fireplace offers great flexibility for designers and architects as it can be placed at various heights off the floor. An upper placement allows the unit to “float” on the wall in a modern setting, or it can be installed lower, anchored by a more traditional hearth and surround. Available with either an up-swing or side-swing door.

Danish, modern, hot stuff and cool looking

HWAM AutoPilotTM for a cleaner more efficient burn
All Hwam fireplaces and wood stoves feature the company’s patented AutoPilotTM system that automatically adjusts air to the chamber at every stage of the burn to ensure proper combustion. The system eliminates any guesswork in operation, resulting in optimal efficiency, less strain on the environment and leisurely enjoyment of a wood fire. More info & video

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